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We can help supply all of the Alloy Steel Pipe or linepipe supplies that your company needs for use in the oil or natural gas industries. High strength low alloy steel specifications for these pipes regulate usage for standard ASTM A335, ASTM A333 and ASTM A213 pipes. Alloy Steel Pipe is the part of ASTM A335, the pipe shall be suitable for bending, flanging, and similar forming operations, and for fusion welding.


All products are industry-standard conforming to or exceeding API, ASTM, ASME, ANSI and other national and international standards.



Origin of material (Make):

Alloy Steel Pipe stock available with DM Special Steel Ltd of below manufacturers:

Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by dalmine
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by tubacex
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by nipponsteel
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by sumitomo
Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal,
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by mannesmann
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by arcelor mittal
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by jfe steel
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by V&M
JFE Steel Corporation
V & M
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by maharashtra seamless limited
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by jindal saw ltd
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by mukat tanks and vessel ltd
Alloy Steel Pipe manufactured by welspun
Maharashtra Seamless Limited,
Jindal Saw Ltd.
Mukut Tanks & Vessel Ltd.


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1) X42 PIPE, 2) X46 PIPE, 3) X52 PIPE, 4) X56 PIPE, 5) X60 PIPE, 6) X65 PIPE, 7) X70 PIPE, 8) X80 pipe, 9) X42 , X46, X52, X56, X60, X65, X70, X80 SMLS PIPE, 10) API 5L X42 PSL2 PIPE, 11) API 5L X46 PSL2 PIPE, 12) API 5L X52 PSL2 PIPE, 13) API 5L X56 PSL2 PIPE, 14) API 5L X60 PSL2 PIPE, 15) API 5L X65 PSL2 PIPE, 16) API 5L X70 PSL2 PIPE, 17) LSAW PIPE, 18) X42 LSAW PIPE, 19) X46 LSAW PIPE, 20) X52 LSAW PIPE, 21) X56 LSAW PIPE, 22) X60 LSAW PIPE, 23) X65 LSAW PIPE, 24) X70 LSAW PIPE, 25) PSL 1 & PSL 2 PIPE, 26) A106 Gr. C PIPE, 27) P5 PIPE, 28) P9 PIPE, 29) P91 PIPE, 30) P11 PIPE, 31) P12 PIPE, 32) P22 PIPE, 33) P92 PIPE, 34) P5, P9, P11, P22, P91, P92, P12 SMLS PIPE, 35) ALLOY STEEL IBR PIPE 36) ALLOY STEEL IBR TUBE, 37) IBR PIPE, 38) IBR TUBE, 39) P5 IBR PIPE, 40) P9 IBR PIPE, 41) P11 IBR PIPE, 42) P22 IBR PIPE, 43) P91 IBR PIPE, 44) P12 IBR PIPE, 45) P92 IBR PIPE, 46) ALLOY STEEL P5 PIPE, 47) ALLOY STEEL P9 PIPE, 48) ALLOY STEEL P11 PIPE, 49) ALLOY STEEL P22 PIPE, 50) ALLOY STEEL P91 PIPE, 51) T5 TUBE, 52) T9 TUBE, 53) T11 TUBE, 54) T12 TUBE, 55) T22 TUBE, 56) T91 TUBE, 57) T92 TUBE, 58) T5 IBR TUBE, 59) T9 IBR TUBE, 60) T11 IBR TUBE, 61) T12 IBR TUBE, 62) T22 IBR TUBE, 63) T91 IBR TUBE, 64) T92 IBR TUBE, 65) SA 213 T5 TUBE, 66) SA 213 T9 TUBE, 67) SA 213 T11 TUBE, 68) SA 213 T12 TUBE, 69) SA 213 T22 TUBE, 70) SA 213 T91 TUBE 71) ALLOY STEEL PIPE, 72) ALLOY STEEL TUBE, 73) A694 FLANGES, 74) A694 F42/ F46/ F52/ F56/ F60/ F65/ F70 FLANGES, 75) A350 LF2 FLANGES, 76) MONEL FITTINGS & FLANGES, 77) NICKEL FITTINGS & FLANGES, 78) INCONEL FITTINGS & FLANGES, 79) HASTALLOY FITTINGS & FLANGES, 81) DUPLEX FITTINGS & FLANGES, 82) SUPER DUPLEX FITTINGS & FLANGES, 83) A182 F5 / F9 / F11 / F22 / F91 FLANGES, 84) ALLOY STEEL FITTINGS, 85) A234 WP1/ WP5/ WP9/ WP11/ WP22 / WP91 FITTINGS, 86) A420 WPL6 FITTINGS, 87) WPHY FITTINGS, 88) WPHY 42/ WPHY 46/ WPHY52/ WPHY 56/ WPHY 60/ WPHY 65/ WPHY 70 FITTINGS, 89) A671 PIPE, 90) A671 EFW PIPE, 91) A671 LSAW PIPE, 92) A672 PIPE, 93) A672 EFW PIPE, 94) A672 LSAW PIPE, 95) ASTM A672 Gr. B60/ B65/ B70/ C55/ C60/ C65/ C70 LSAW/SAW Pipe, 96) ASTM A671 Gr. CC60/ CC65/ CC70 PIPE, 97) ASTM A671 Gr. CC60/ CC65/ CC70 LSAW / SAW / EFW PIPE, 98) ASTM A672 Gr. B60/ B65/ B70/ C55/ C60/ C65/ C70 Pipe, 99) A333 Gr.6 PIPE, 100) ASTM A672 Gr. B60/ B65/ B70/ C55/ C60/ C65/ C70 (Electric Resistance Welded) Pipe, 101) ALLOY 20 FITTINGS & FLANGES

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